As a family law attorney, I enjoy speaking at a lot of conferences and seminars throughout the year. I take great pride in my work and enjoy educating my peers and colleagues on family law topics, helping them better protect their clients’ best interests. Most of these conferences and seminars also provide CLE credits!

On Thursday, July 17, I will be speaking on a live audio seminar on paternity and grandparent visitation among other family law disputes. I strongly encourage my colleagues to attend. M. Lee Smith events are always great and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The seminar is 60 minutes long, but will fly by with all of the information that will be covered.

Some topics will include:

  • Rights of unmarried fathers
    • Introduction
    • Jurisdiction
  • Paternity
    • “Lo and behold, I’m not the daddy.”
    • “I knew it wasn’t my baby, but do I still have to pay?”
    • “Don’t lie about your baby’s daddy.”
    • Suing your daddy in court … and other tragic mistakes of life
    • Child support arrearage wiped clean based on paternity fraud
  • Grandparent rights
    • Introduction
    • Jurisdiction
    • Recent case law

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