Are You Thinking of Adopting Siblings? When some couples make the decision to adopt to grow their family, adopting a sibling group might not be at the top of their mind, but there are sibling groups waiting to be adopted into loving homes. If you have given any thought to adopting siblings, you may have many questions about whether you could make it work and what complications may arise.

Before making any decisions about adoption, whether for a single child or a sibling group, the couple must decide whether they have the resources required to take on the challenge of growing their family. By resources, I am not talking simply about money. Time and energy are critical resources required for parenting. Yes, you must be able to afford to take on the responsibility of raising children, but you must also be committed in your mind and heart to weather the challenges that will accompany the joys of taking someone else’s children into your home and into your heart.

On a practical level, the economy of scale of adopting a sibling group can pay off when it comes to taking the advantage of the adoption tax credit and adoption assistance programs depending on your income and other considerations. Additionally, some employers offer special benefits for employees who adopt, which might be worth investigating.

Besides – when you adopt siblings:

  • It gives the children playmates and familiar relationships. If you think starting a new school is hard, imagine how it feels to start a new family – especially if you have siblings or loved ones elsewhere. It can be comforting to see a familiar and loved face in a brand-new environment.
  • It can be more cost-effective than adopting one child. No one likes to talk about the monetary challenges, we know – but the truth is, you might save money by adopting siblings all at once, rather than adopting one child at a time. This is especially true for families who adopted internationally.
  • You’re saving more than one life. Adoption is a two-fold process: for you, it’s about growing your family. For the kids, it’s about gaining a family. In many cases, children can spend years, even their entire lives, being passed around a system that isn’t always equipped to handle their needs. Sibling groups are often split up, too. You’re helping to keep those children together.

Even a happy occurrence such as adopting can be stressful. It’s okay if you get angry or frustrated or nervous; that’s what parents do. It is vital for adoptive parents to have a support system around them with friends and family who are willing to help and lend their support. You might also consider seeing a therapist – on your own or with your family – to help you all collectively deal with the struggles you’ll face.

While keeping siblings together and offering a safe, nurturing home environment is amazing, adopting more than one child at a time presents unique challenges. Just know that those challenges can be overcome – and we would be honored to help you and your new family forge a path ahead.

Adoption is a wonderful way to increase the love in your family, but it can be overwhelming, too. There is so much to learn, and you may have many questions. Shepherd and Associates, P.C. is here for you.  Our trusted team of adoption attorneys in Maryville want to help you grow your family as efficiently and safely as possible. You can discover what we do for our East Tennessee clients by calling 865.225.9655, or filling out our contact form today.



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