Divorce is not a pleasant experience for anyone to go through. Even so, there are many people who think that divorce is a necessary step to solving all their problems, which in turn will make them happier. While it is true that some individuals do find happiness after a divorce, most divorced adults are found to be less happy than those who are still married. In addition, divorce can also cause new issues between couples that are even more serious than when they were together.

Many people also assume that divorce is better for kids. However, every relationship different, and sometimes, a divorce is not the best solution for everyone involved. If you are thinking about getting a divorce with your spouse, then you should seek an expert opinion to make sure that you are making the right decision. This article will further discuss the relationship between divorce and happiness.

Divorce and Happiness

Contrary to many people’s belief, divorce is not the answer to everything, and it definitely does not guarantee your happiness. Although some individuals are happier after a divorce, there are many married couples who are now happier than ever after having gone through difficult problems, such as infidelity and emotional abandonment. In fact, most individuals who used to consider getting a divorce to end all problems are now glad that they did not go through with it. Working through a difficult marriage is hard, but so is a divorce. A study found that individuals in a low-conflict marriage who got a divorce became even less happy than when they were married. This indicates that getting a divorce as a result of mild conflict does not necessarily increase happiness.

Children and Divorce

As mentioned, another common assumption that people have toward divorce is that children are well off when their parents are divorced. However, it has been shown that children are better off when their parents work through their problems together instead of getting a divorce. In fact, when children are involved, conflict actually worsens after a divorce. This makes it a lot harder for children to adapt to life after their parents got divorced. That being said, high-conflict marriages where both parents are constantly fighting and where there are abuses involved are the exception. In this case, it is better for the children if their parents get divorced instead of staying in an abusive marriage.

Conflicts Post-Divorce

More often than not, couples find that there are hidden problems during the marriage that have only been discovered after the divorce. These problems can sometimes be even more difficult than staying married. This newfound conflict is usually more apparent when there are children involved. With matters such as legal mandates, split finances, and shared custody, parents often find it hard to communicate with each other in a logical and reasonable manner. When dealing with this kind of conflict, it can be very beneficial to seek out help from an experienced professional.

Divorce Regrets

Divorce often comes with regrets. Most individuals who are going through a divorce have second thoughts about splitting with their spouse. Some people also wish that they and their spouse should have worked harder to resolve their issues. It should be noted, however, that the feelings of regret tend to diminish over time. Similar to a successful marriage, a good divorce also requires all parties to be considerate toward one another as well.

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