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Jan 17, 2018

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Adoption Lawyer

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Congratulations – you’re about to expand your family! The decision to adopt a child is an important one, so you want to make sure you have the best attorney for your needs, to help you through the process. We have compiled these five tips for choosing the right adoption lawyer, so you know where […]

Nov 29, 2017

Pre-Mediation: Imagining Your Ideal Divorce

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If you go through a divorce in Tennessee, you’re probably going to have to go through mediation, first. We have found that our clients who come in with some idea of what they want the most are often more willing to negotiate with their spouses, and to give mediation the “college try,” as they […]

Nov 15, 2017

Practical Tips to Avoid Probate in Tennessee

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Probate is the way in which the assets of someone who dies are passed to his/her spouse, children, and other designees, and how creditors are paid. Probate requires that a personal representative be appointed (either by a Will or by the court) to collect, account for, and distribute the decedent’s assets. Typical assets include […]

Nov 1, 2017

How to Divorce a Missing Spouse in Tennessee

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If you have been separated from your spouse for so long that you no longer know where he or she lives, but you are ready to get a divorce, you can still obtain a divorce. However, we highly recommend that this not be attempted without the aid of a lawyer. If the technical requirements […]

Oct 18, 2017

Tennessee Law Enforcement Cracked Down on Drug-related Crimes This Summer

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A recent article in the New York Times showed that between January 2016 and January 2017, more than 64,000 people died as a result of an overdose. (The drug that’s pushing those numbers ever higher is fentanyl, a synthetic opioid.) In Tennessee, there are rough estimates at how many deaths illegal drugs cause each […]

Oct 4, 2017

How to Resolve Difficulties with Your Child Custody Exchanges

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The legal battle for who would get primary visitation with your child was contentious and full of conflict. Now that the divorce is over and you and your co-parent must exchange the child for visitation, you have noticed a pattern of difficult experiences that you would like to put to an end. What can […]

Sep 22, 2017

Tennessee DUI Enforcement Sobriety Checkpoints

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Tennessee law enforcement uses sobriety checkpoints ostensibly to enforce DUI (driving under the influence) laws, but they have created a lot of controversy because what they often end up creating a dragnet to catch drivers who might have a broken headlight, are driving without wearing a seatbelt or may have lapsed insurance. Regardless as […]

Sep 6, 2017

Trial Separation or Legal Separation: Which Is Best for Me?

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When a couple decides they want to get divorced, one of three things usually occurs. The first, where the marriage is entirely done, with no chance of resolution, leads directly to a divorce. The second involves that kind of vague space known as “separation,” which generally ends up leading to divorce as well. Finally, […]

Aug 23, 2017

Electronic Wills Present New Privacy Risks

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You know when you go into the local office supply store, and there’s that section on DIY legal documents? There’s always a program or two for Wills and estate planning, and a lot of folks we know have been, well, duped into thinking that creating their own Wills is an easy process. But there […]

Aug 9, 2017

Single Parent Adoptions in Tennessee: What You Should Know about the Process

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Adoption is one of the best decisions a family can make. A child without a loving home, meets a loving home without that child: it’s perfect in every way. Sure, there may be some challenges along the way, but in the end, everyone should end up happy and safe.

But what if your family is […]