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Tennessee law makes no guarantees that either spouse will automatically receive alimony after divorce. Judges view each case individually, looking at a number of factors before making an award. The attorneys at Shepherd and Associates have four decades of collective experience presenting information to help the courts determine the temporary or permanent financial needs that justify alimony awards for my clients.

Reasons why the courts award alimony

The Tennessee courts generally consider alimony as a means for one spouse to obtain financial assistance for a temporary period, for the purpose of maintaining a standard of living similar to that enjoyed during the marriage. An experienced divorce attorney provides judges with detailed information they can use to make decisions in a variety of circumstances, such as the following:

  • To provide temporary support until a spouse finds employment
  • When the best needs of the children require a spouse to stay home
  • To accommodate educational needs that will make a spouse employable
  • To help equalize the incomes of both spouses when one has a greater earnings capacity than the other
  • To accommodate needs based on age or health conditions

Experienced alimony attorneys can often develop effective cases for spousal support as a means of equalizing a divorce settlement for their clients. Some examples include cases where one spouse supported the education of the other during the marriage or where one spouse emerges from divorce with significantly greater assets or control of a family business. Your alimony attorneys must become familiar with the details of your prior married life to help ensure you get the settlement you need to start a new life without undue financial concerns.

Contact an experienced alimony attorney in Maryville

Not all individuals require alimony, and the Tennessee courts consider each case individually. They may award this financial support to either spouse — or to neither spouse. If you require temporary assistance to gain your financial footing, or if circumstances prevent you from obtaining the employment needed to support a reasonable standard of living, you need experienced alimony lawyers to work with you to develop an effective case. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with me, attorney Kevin Shepherd, call 865-225-9655 or fill out the contact form on this website.