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Maryville Child Support Lawyers

Tennessee law determines parental child support obligations based on detailed guidelines. But these guidelines do not consider all possible situations that can cause undue financial hardship to a parent, nor do they consider future changes in income that can limit the ability to continue paying child support.

The role of child custody attorneys does not necessarily end with the final divorce decree. As experienced child support lawyers in Maryville, Shepherd and Associates protects the rights of your children by helping ensure you receive fair treatment in child custody decisions. We also help you pursue a legal modification of your divorce settlement in the event of later changes.

How Tennessee computes child support

The Tennessee Department of Human Services uses an income share model for computing how much each parent must contribute to the financial support of children after divorce. The model begins by computing the monthly combined child support obligation of both parents based on the monthly combined adjusted gross income (AGI) of both parents and the number of children. At one end, parents with an AGI of $150 have an obligation of $100 per month regardless of the number of children. At the other extreme, parents with five or more children may owe $3,624 per month and have additional tax liabilities.

The Department provides a worksheet and software on its website to help determine the actual financial responsibility of each parent. However, experienced Maryville child support lawyers can produce estimates that are more accurate by considering the unique circumstances of their clients.

What to do when circumstances change

After the final divorce decree, financial situations often change for one or both parents — perhaps a loss or reduction in wages makes the current schedule unaffordable, or a promotion or other circumstance suddenly allows one parent to pay more. Child support attorneys help parents in Lenoir City and surrounding areas obtain revised payment schedules through the courts. Parents should never attempt to make informal arrangements without the support of knowledgeable child support attorneys. You need a solution acceptable to the court to avoid potentially serious legal and tax issues down the road.

Seek support from an experienced child support attorney in Maryville

Your children deserve financial security even if circumstances prevent you from remaining married. While most parents want to do the best for their children, they are often troubled when they learn how much of their income must go to the children while they also face additional costs of maintaining a new residence. Experienced child support lawyers in Maryville can help parents find solutions to the economic challenges during this significant period of adjustment. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with a Maryville child support attorney at Shepherd and Associates, P.C., call 865-225-9655 or fill out the contact form on this website.