Motorcycle Speeding in Tennessee

Highway 129 in the Smoky Mountains in Blount County, with its long decline and sharp curves, is a tempting challenge to many motorcyclists in Tennessee. Known locally as The Dragon, this road also provides areas where police wait to nab speeding motorcyclists.

I am Maryville attorney Kevin W. Shepherd. As an experienced traffic defense lawyer in Maryville, I care about the safety of my clients, and I encourage them to consider the often deadly consequences of unsafe motorcycle driving on dangerous mountain roads. But I can also help protect the driving records of motorcyclists facing charges of speeding violations anywhere within the state.

The consequences of speeding in Tennessee

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, conviction for a single speeding violation can instantly add as many as 8 points to your driving record. When you accumulate between 6 and 12 points in a year, you receive a warning letter. When the Department sends a notice of proposed suspension, they may require you to attend a driver improvement program and appear at an administrative hearing to contest the proposed suspension.

How Maryville traffic attorneys can help

Many motorcyclists choose to pay the fine and move on after receiving a traffic citation. But, particularly for charges involving serious violations, enlisting help from an experienced traffic attorney to represent you in court can protect your driving record and your driving privileges. I have defended many motorcyclists by citing a clean prior driving record or presenting mitigating circumstances that might lead motorcyclists to exceed the speed limit.

If you receive a notice warning you of imminent license suspension, do not attempt to represent yourself in the administrative hearing. Representation by experienced traffic attorneys in Maryville can make a notable difference to the outcome of your case. I regularly assist motorcyclists who need help getting charges dropped or reduced, and I have the administrative hearing experience needed to develop an effective defense that can help you retain your driving privileges.

Seek skilled defense from an experienced Maryville traffic attorney

You may choose to save time by paying speeding tickets, or you may want to save money by representing yourself in an administrative hearing. But choices like these can lead to the suspension of your license, which you might avoid with the help of an experienced traffic attorney. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with me, Maryville attorney Kevin Shepherd, call 865-225-9655 or fill out the contact form on this website.