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Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A motorcycle ride on a beautiful day can add enjoyment to your daily commute even as it saves gas money. However, motorcycles provide little protection in a traffic collision, and motorcyclists need to understand the potential consequences of serious accidents. The Maryville motorcycle accident lawyers of Shepherd and Associates, P.C. are pleased to provide answers to some of the questions we commonly receive.

Answers to common questions about motorcycle accidents

Click below to obtain answers to some of the most common questions about motorcycle accident claims.

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The following answers can help you understand more about motorcycle accident claims. But every accident is unique, so seek advice from experienced Maryville motorcycle accident lawyers about your specific case. For more information, or to schedule a consultation with Shepherd and Associates, P.C. call now or fill out the contact form on this website.

I handle motorcycle accident claims on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees until I successfully obtain compensation for you.

Are there any special issues involved in filing a motorcycle accident insurance claim?

Whether you file a claim against the policy of a liable party or against your own policy, perhaps the main concern involves coverage limits. Motorcycle accidents often cause severe injuries that require extensive expenses for medical treatments. There are also related costs you might incur, possibly for the rest of your life in the case of disability. This is why I thoroughly assess your situation in your free initial consultation to determine if you should pursue other legal avenues.

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I went to the hospital immediately after my accident. How do I collect the evidence I need for my claim?

The police can supply the police report you need to file a claim, and they can most likely provide basic information about the involved drivers. As an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, I understand that medical attention comes first, and I have the means to develop an effective case even under challenging circumstances.

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Do I have legal options for recovering damages after a single-vehicle crash?

You can always file a claim against your own insurance policy, but you may have other legal options, depending on the details of your specific situation. For example, if you lost control of your bike after hitting a pothole or other hazard caused by poor road maintenance, you may have a claim against the local municipality that failed to perform necessary road repairs.

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Can I file a claim if I cannot find the driver who caused my accident?

Your own insurance policy can still provide coverage, possibly as a hit-and-run claim or as part of uninsured motorist coverage. If your insurance company attempts to deny coverage, contact me so I can intervene on your behalf.

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Do I need to take my case to court?

Particularly if your injuries result in permanent disability, I may recommend a jury trial as the best way to pursue the full compensation you need to cover a lifetime of expenses. But I can typically negotiate a fair settlement out of court even if the insurance policy of the liable party does not provide the coverage you need.

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Do I need a lawyer to file a claim?

It always makes sense to discuss your claim with an attorney before taking any action on your own, and legal advice is particularly important when dealing with complex motorcycle accidents. I offer a free consultation to assess your case, so it costs nothing to learn your options.

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