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Wrongful Death Lawyers Supporting Families in Madisonville

The loss of a loved one is always emotionally charged, as the family tries to accept a change that affects every aspect of future life. Money cannot compensate families for the loss of valued relationships and guidance but when the negligent or wrongful acts of others caused the needless loss of your cherished family member, experienced wrongful death lawyers can help you recover monetary losses. Maryville wrongful death attorney Kevin W. Shepherd has more than 20 years of experience guiding families through this difficult period in their lives.

Understanding wrongful death

The term wrongful death applies to a range of circumstances in which an individual dies because one or more other parties engaged in negligent or willful conduct, also known as wrongful acts. Wrongful acts can be unintentional, such as driver errors that cause fatal accidents. They can also include criminal acts, whether or not the perpetrator intends to kill someone.

Damages recoverable in a Tennessee wrongful death action

The rights to pursue damages pass to close family members of the victim. Title 20 of the Tennessee Code permits the closest immediate family member or a personal representative of the decedent to pursue specific damages against the parties liable for the death, including the following:

  • Costs relating to the injury that the decedent would have incurred if he or she survived the injury, including mental and physical suffering and loss of time
  • Costs associated with the death, such as funeral expenses
  • Loss of future support and benefits

Tennessee wrongful death law can be complicated and confusing at this stressful period in your life. Compassionate attorneys can guide families in Seymour and elsewhere in the region through the complex legal process. Experienced wrongful death attorneys handle the details to allow families the time they need to grieve.

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